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  • Blog is Operational Again

    by Tykling @ February 10, 2022

    I finally got around to getting the blog back online. It took longer than I would have liked, but technology is like that sometimes. Stay tuned for an important blogpost about the future of the service later today.

  • Webdesigner needed!

    by Tykling @ March 27, 2016

    All the content has been moved from the old blog. Only a few things left to do, one of them is to get this new blog to look a bit better. I am not much of a designer I'm afraid. If you have skills and feel like doing a bit of work to help the project then please contact me! Thank you.

  • New Blog Software

    by Tykling @ March 25, 2016

    I finally got around to moving this blog off of the old Drupal based system. The old content will be moved to the new site soon. RSS feeds will be back soon as well.

  • New Twitter feed, new IRC channel, new blog server, and how to help spread the word

    by Tykling @ November 09, 2011

    I made a twitter feed for system status updates, small comments and relevant links. I hope you will find it useful, I haven't used twitter before, so forgive me if I do something to demonstrate my utter lack of knowledge about it :) You can find the feed at https://twitter.com/censurfridns. I also …

  • Censurfridns Blog Launched

    by Tykling @ October 17, 2010

    Welcome to blog.uncensoreddns.org! I've decided to start this page for two reasons. The first reason is that I wish to make it easier for the users of the censurfridns servers to keep up with system status information and news on the DNS servers. There will be a RSS feed with system status informatio…

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