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  • Bye ns1, hello unicast.censurfridns.dk, new v6 IP

    by Tykling @ February 26, 2017

    Today has been moved to new hardware to improve response times and stability. The server has also been renamed from ns1.uncensoreddns.org to unicast.uncensoreddns.org to better reflect reality. The old "ns1" name signalled some level of being the "first" or "primary" server, which is not true. DNS doesn't even have a concept of pri…

  • ns2.censurfridns.dk will shutdown october 1st and is being replaced with anycast.censurfridns.dk!

    by Tykling @ September 22, 2014

    ns2.censurfridns.dk ( / 2002:5968:c28e::53) has since the beginning in october 2009 been running on a Comendo IP address from a Comendo datacenter. For different reasons the time has now come to shutdown the old ns2 and replace it with the brand new anycast setup. The anycast setup is based on our own AS number AS198794 and our own I…

  • Planned downtime for ns2.censurfridns.dk

    by Tykling @ October 17, 2010

    This evening, october 17th 2010 between 22:00 and midnight danish time ns2.censurfridns.dk will be unavailable, because it is being moved to new and more powerful hardware. The downtime may be shorter than announced. ns1.censurfridns.dk will of course be running throughout, so users should not notice any major effects. Apologies in advance for any…

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