Boycutting the national collection for Save the Children Denmark

by Tykling @ September 04, 2011 22:14

Today is the first Sunday of September, which is the day of the national collection of Save the Children Denmark. I have this poster on my door, hopefully I am not the only one. For the English speakers, here is my own translation of the text on the poster:

"Save the Children is censoring the Internet in the fight against pictures and video depicting child abuse. Children needs to be protected, but I am against all forms of censorship. This is why I do not support the national collection for Save the Children. Instead, I've chosen to support:" - and then the poster has a list of other charitable organizations with roughly the same objective, but without all the censorship. Personally I've checked Amnesty International on the list, since the wife and I give a monthly contribution to them.

Thanks to the IT Political Association of Denmark for authoring the poster.

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