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  • Cleartext DNS Turned Off

    by Tykling @ September 01, 2022

    Today, as promised, I have turned off cleartext port 53 DNS lookups (TCP&UDP). The reason for this is detailed in this blogpost. During BornHack this year we had a pretty popular dns

  • The Unfriendly Internet - Turning Off Cleartext Lookups in September

    by Tykling @ February 10, 2022

    TL;DR Cleartext UDP and TCP DNS on port 53 (and on this service also 5353) is being turned off permanently in a little over 6 months, on September 1st, 2022. Encrypted lookups will continue to be supported like today. The reason for this radical change is twofold: 1) I want encourage adoption of encrypted and authenticated DNS, and 2) I am sick…

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  • Blog is Operational Again

    by Tykling @ February 10, 2022

    I finally got around to getting the blog back online. It took longer than I would have liked, but technology is like that sometimes. Stay tuned for an important blogpost about the future of the service later today.

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  • Moving Day Coming Up

    by Tykling @ January 23, 2022

    TL;DR: The unicast server is moving to a new hosting location within 1-2 weeks. Expect some downtime, but no configuration changes are needed. Since this service saw the light of day in 2011 the unicast node unicast.uncensoreddns.org has been running from AS9167 IP space belonging to Telia DK (since they acquired Siminn). Physically the servers…

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  • IPv6 Issues for Unicast / Telia

    by Tykling @ February 15, 2021

    Since 01:57 CET today February 15th IPv6 has not been working for the Unicast server. This means DNS lookups to the unicast server 2a01:3a0:53:53:: do not work at the moment. IPv4 is working, and the anycast nodes are working. The provider (Telia) has been notified. I will update here when it is resolved - thank you for your patience! :)

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  • Solido Anycast Node Shut Down

    by Tykling @ February 10, 2021

    The Solido anycast node has been shut down permanently today. Solido is owned by Sentia these days, and my agreement for the anycast node was (indirectly) with Solido. The IP addresses which will no longer be responding to DNS lookups are: and 2a00:4820:fa::53. Thanks to Solido (now Sentia) and Kramse for years of sponsoring s…

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  • Bornfiber Anycast Node Shut Down

    by Tykling @ February 01, 2021

    The Bornfiber anycast node has been shut down permanently today. The company sponsoring the node got new owners and they do not wish to continue sponsoring the node. The IP addresses which will no longer be responding to DNS lookups are: and 2a00:4820:fa::53. Thanks to Bornfiber (my former employer) for years of sponsoring bo…

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  • Hello to DNS-over-HTTPS and ECDSA Keys

    by Tykling @ October 04, 2020

    This weekend I enabled DNS-over-HTTPS on all servers. I know many people have been waiting patiently for news on this front, so I am very pleased to announce that it is finally ready. The DNS-over-HTTPS URLs are https://anycast.censurfridns.dk/dns-query and ecdsa doh

  • DNS over TLS Pubkey Pinning Info for unicast.uncensoreddns.org

    by Tykling @ July 16, 2017

    The public key for DNS-over-TLS on unicast.uncensoreddns.org / / 2a01:3a0:53:53:: is: (PEM format)

    -----BEGIN PUBLIC KEY-----

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  • New Logo

    by Tykling @ May 12, 2017

    The project finally got a logo, and it turned out great! A huge thanks to my friend and colleague Martin Nagel Larsen who did the design and put up with all my thoughts and ideas about the logo. Here it is, click for a larger version

  • Bye ns1, hello unicast.censurfridns.dk, new v6 IP

    by Tykling @ February 26, 2017

    Today has been moved to new hardware to improve response times and stability. The server has also been renamed from ns1.uncensoreddns.org to unicast.uncensoreddns.org to better reflect reality. The old "ns1" name signalled some level of being the "first" or "primary" server, which is not true. DNS doesn't even have a concept of pri…

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  • Webdesigner needed!

    by Tykling @ March 27, 2016

    All the content has been moved from the old blog. Only a few things left to do, one of them is to get this new blog to look a bit better. I am not much of a designer I'm afraid. If you have skills and feel like doing a bit of work to help the project then please contact me! Thank you.

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  • New Blog Software

    by Tykling @ March 25, 2016

    I finally got around to moving this blog off of the old Drupal based system. The old content will be moved to the new site soon. RSS feeds will be back soon as well.

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  • ns2.censurfridns.dk will shutdown october 1st and is being replaced with anycast.censurfridns.dk!

    by Tykling @ September 22, 2014

    ns2.censurfridns.dk ( / 2002:5968:c28e::53) has since the beginning in october 2009 been running on a Comendo IP address from a Comendo datacenter. For different reasons the time has now come to shutdown the old ns2 and replace it with the brand new anycast setup. The anycast setup is based on our own AS number AS198794 and our own I…

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  • Presentations from RIPE65 and Cryptoparty CPH 2012

    by Tykling @ November 15, 2012

    As you may know I was at RIPE65 on September 24th 2012 talking about this DNS service, you can see the video recording of that talk here and you can download the presentation here. Last night I was at presentation

  • Three Years Birthday

    by Tykling @ November 15, 2012

    Today, November 15th 2012 marks exactly three years since this service was launched. I've compiled a list of five birthday wishes - already posted on Twitter - that would make the world and the Internet a better place: A completely uncensored and open internet where we stop crimes instead of hiding them behind ineffective blocking systems …

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  • Presentation From Talk at Open Source Days 2012

    by Tykling @ March 28, 2012

    Jeg var inviteret til at fortælle om censurfridns på Open Source Days 2012. Jeg er naturligvis altid glad for at komme ud og sprede det gode budskab. Jeg var lidt nervøs, men det gik rigtig godt, og efter foredraget var der god debat om DNS blokering og om min DNS tjeneste. Tak til de omkrin…

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  • Guide explaining how to use the DNS servers

    by Tykling @ November 13, 2011

    Today Bitbureauet published a guide on switching DNS servers on the most common operating systems. You can read the guide here (in danish). I've had a guide on my to-do list for quite some time, so it was nice for me that someone else did it for me. They seem t…

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  • Interview about DNS censorship of grooveshark.com in todays Politiken

    by Tykling @ November 13, 2011

    This friday I got a phonecall from Mikkel Vuroela from Politiken. He wanted to ask a few questions for a story he was writing. The story was about Rettighedsalliancen (formerly known as AntiPiratGruppen) wanting to DNS censor the music streaming service Grooveshark. The full…

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  • New Twitter feed, new IRC channel, new blog server, and how to help spread the word

    by Tykling @ November 09, 2011

    I made a twitter feed for system status updates, small comments and relevant links. I hope you will find it useful, I haven't used twitter before, so forgive me if I do something to demonstrate my utter lack of knowledge about it :) You can find the feed at https://twitter.com/censurfridns. I also …

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  • Interview in Todays Politiken

    by Tykling @ October 01, 2011

    This Thursday Jakob Sorgenfri Kjær from the Danish newspaper Politiken called me and asked if he could ask a few questions about censurfridns.dk in connection with the EU approval of the new Danish gaming law. I agreed, and the interview resulted in a story in today's print edition of Politiken. The frontpage of the printed newspaper has censorship interview

  • DNS-censoring Illegal Pharmaceutical Vendors - 24hdiet.com Blocked

    by Tykling @ September 30, 2011

    On 10 May 2011 the Danish Folketing adopted the bill L118 called "Draft Law amending the Law on drugs and the law on medical devices." The law was adopted by 110 votes for and 2 votes against. The law has the subtitle "Strengthening the enforcement effort agains…

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  • DNS Censorship of Gambling Websites

    by Tykling @ September 30, 2011

    Tuesday september 20th the EU commission approved the Danish bill L202 with no changes, which means a new category of censored sites on the Danish internet providers DNS servers. L202 was unanimously approved in the Danish Folketing in 2009 with censorship gambling websites

  • Boycutting the national collection for Save the Children Denmark

    by Tykling @ September 04, 2011

    Today is the first Sunday of September, which is the day of the national collection of Save the Children Denmark. I have this poster on my door, hopefully I am not the only one. For the English speakers, here is my own translation of the text on the poster: "Save the Children is censoring the Internet in t…

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  • Five and a half years of stupidity - follow the money

    by Tykling @ January 13, 2011

    Since the fall of 2005 the Danish Internet providers has semi voulentarily been a part of Save the Children Denmark and the National Danish Police forces blocking of pages that contain child-abuse images. That's five and a half years and I feel like it is time to take a step back and consider why we accept this censorship. The website of the Tags: censorship