Why have you started UncensoredDNS? Why run uncensored DNS servers?
I am strongly against using DNS as a tool to filter content on the internet. Many people do not have the technical know-how to setup their own DNS server, so I created UncensoredDNS in 2009 as an uncensored alternative to the internet providers filtered DNS servers.

Why not just use OpenDNS/Google DNS/Cloudflare/Quad9?
The internet should have more small decentral community-run non-profit services and fewer huge corporations running services with massive userbases. This is also true when picking email/IM/SoMe services.

Do the UncensoredDNS DNS servers log any personal information?
Absolutely nothing is being logged, neither about the users nor the usage of this service. I do keep graphs of the total number of queries, but no personally identifiable information is saved. The data that is saved will never be sold or used for anything except capacity planning of the service.

Where are the servers located?
See the details on the DNS Servers page. They are placed on fast uplinks in professional data centers. I am actively looking for places to host anycast nodes, especially outside of Denmark or even outside of Europe. Please contact me if you can help.

Are the IP addresses likely to change?
The DNS server IP addresses will never change if I can prevent it. The anycast server in particular is unlikely to ever change since the v4 and v6 IPs are from UncensoredDNS' own provider independent IP ranges.

Who is behind this service?
My name is Thomas Steen Rasmussen. I operate this DNS service as an individual with my own money. If you have questions or comments please see the contact page.

Have you ever been contacted by authorities or law enforcement about this service?
No, I have never been contacted by authorities or law enforcement regarding this service. This message will be updated if it happens.