Moving Day Coming Up

by Tykling @ January 23, 2022 20:21

TL;DR: The unicast server is moving to a new hosting location within 1-2 weeks. Expect some downtime, but no configuration changes are needed.

Since this service saw the light of day in 2011 the unicast node unicast.uncensoreddns.org has been running from AS9167 IP space belonging to Telia DK (since they acquired Siminn). Physically the servers are in a GlobalConnect datacenter in Høje Taastrup outside of Copenhagen in a 1/4 rack I've been renting there since 2009 or so.

Last year Telia decided to sell off their hosting/colo business in DK to SAC-IT which means the datacenter I've been renting my 1/4 rack in for more than a decade is closing (very soon now).

Since SAC-IT bought all the hosting customers they also take over the IP space (including and 2a01:3a0:53:53::) so the current plan for the unicast server is to rent a beefy VM with SAC-IT and get the needed prefixes routed to it and run the service from there. Telia and SAC-IT are on board with the plan and we are almost ready to test everything.

I will move TLS keys to the new server and all IPs remain the same, only the hop count and route will change, so apart from some downtime (and barring any unforeseen issues) there should be no noticeable user impact.

Once the server is settled in the new home I will make a new blogpost about coming changes to the service, including ending clear text port 53 DNS lookups, and possibly an IP change for the unicast server (being tied to a single provider sucks!). I will give 3-6 months warning, but consider switching to DoT or DoH today so you are ready for the future changes :)

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