New Twitter feed, new IRC channel, new blog server, and how to help spread the word

by Tykling @ November 09, 2011 23:37

I made a twitter feed for system status updates, small comments and relevant links. I hope you will find it useful, I haven't used twitter before, so forgive me if I do something to demonstrate my utter lack of knowledge about it :) You can find the feed at https://twitter.com/censurfridns.

I also made an IRC channel, so if any of you fancy a talk about the DNS servers or DNS and censorship in general, feel free to join me in the channel #censurfridns on Freenode (a few people already did!). My nickname is Tykling.

Those of you who have met me at conferences and such might have seen me sporting t-shirts and hoodies and keyhangers advertising the DNS servers, the website www.censurfridns.dk and so on. You may even have been lucky enough to receive a free t-shirt from me, at this one conference where I was feeling generous. I've been asked again and again to make it possible for people to buy the items directly. I've signed up at this German site called http://www.spreadshirt.com and made a store with various items with www.censurfridns.dk written on them, like t-shirts and coffee mugs. I've set the commission for every product to be 0,- since (as you already know) I am in no way doing this to make money. The prices you see in the shop are the prices that spreadshirt charge, nothing else. You can find the shop at http://censurfridns.spreadshirt.dk. I've bought most of the items for myself, and the quality is alright for the price they are charging.

Suggestions for new products for the shop, new slogans to put on the t-shirts, or any suggestions can be sent by mail to admin@censurfridns.dk - or you can come visit the IRC channel and have a chat :)

Finally, a small piece of technical info: I switched this blog to a new server this evening, located at a hosting provider in Germany called Hetzner. You shouldn't notice any major changes, but two things are worth mentioning:

  • The blog is now available on HTTPS as well as plain HTTP. The SSL certificate is self-signed. The utterly broken CA system is not getting my money, but that is a topic for another post, on another blog!
  • The blog is now available on naitive IPv6 instead of 6to4. This is good news for the IPv6 users out there who should get the blog a few milliseconds faster :)

Until next time, take care, and enjoy your dns-censorship-free internet experience.

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