Solido Anycast Node Shut Down

by Tykling @ February 10, 2021 09:26

The Solido anycast node has been shut down permanently today. Solido is owned by Sentia these days, and my agreement for the anycast node was (indirectly) with Solido.

The IP addresses which will no longer be responding to DNS lookups are: and 2a00:4820:fa::53.

Thanks to Solido (now Sentia) and Kramse for years of sponsoring solido.anycast.censurfridns.dk / solido.anycast.uncensoreddns.org!

I am always looking for new anycast nodes! If you know of friendly places who might be willing to sponsor a node for UncensoredDNS please contact me on admin@censurfridns.dk - a VM with a few gigs of ram and some diskspace is fine, along with BGP and v4/v6 of course.

Tags: anycast dns