Censurfridns Blog Launched

by Tykling @ October 17, 2010 21:16

Welcome to blog.uncensoreddns.org!

I've decided to start this page for two reasons. The first reason is that I wish to make it easier for the users of the censurfridns servers to keep up with system status information and news on the DNS servers. There will be a RSS feed with system status information and possibly a mailing list with the same purpose. The other reason I have for starting this page is that I need a place to blog about DNS censorship.

I will use this page to share my views on the topic of censorship on the Internet. Unfortunately it is very rare to see a sensible statement made by politicians and media on this topic. A part of the problem is that the involved parties are not technically well-founded, and that is an area I feel I can help with.

Currently a lot is happening around internet blocking and censorship at the EU level at the moment. When it is relevant I will post links and thoughts on what is going on "down there".

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